About Us

The Jersey City Redevelopment Agency (JCRA) was created in 1949 as an autonomous Agency to serve as the City’s primary vehicle to eliminate blight, to create opportunities and to attract residential, commercial and industrial real estate projects.  The Agency’s statutory authority was set forth in New Jersey Redevelopment Agencies Law (LRHL), P.L. 1992, C.79 (N.J.S.A.) 40.A:12A-1 et seq.) in 1992.  The local redevelopment powers of the Agency are outlined in the 1992 statute. The Agency’s broad responsibilities include project facilitation, site assemblage and clearance, environmental remediation and developer selection within redevelopment areas. Since its inception, JCRA has been responsible for the direct reinvestment of billions of dollars in Jersey City and tens of thousands of jobs. The Agency is committed to enhancing the quality of life for all residents of Jersey City by guiding responsible development and reinvestment in all neighborhoods and communities in Jersey City.” JCRA’s Guiding Principles include enhancing the quality of life and improving economic and housing opportunities, building strong, viable partnerships with the community, and letting employees perform their duties in an honest, ethical manner at all times while maintaining the trust, respect and confidence of residents and our clients.


Quality of Life

•    Enhance the quality of life and improve the economic and housing opportunities that are available to our residents.  The key measure of our success is our continuous commitment to build greater sustainable communities throughout Jersey City.

Partnerships and Collaborations

•    We are committed to building strong, viable partnerships with the community that we are working in and the redeveloper that helps to rebuild our communities.


•    We expect all employees to perform their duties in an honest, ethical manner at all times to maintain the respect, trust and confidence of the residents of Jersey City and our redeveloper clients.

Commitment to Employees

•    We value each employee and the professionalism they bring to the Agency.  We provide an environment where employees can achieve their best work and their highest level of performance.