ADDENDUM #2: Request for Proposals for the Berry Lane Park Concession Stand Q&A

QUESTION: The Agency received a request for clarification of its answer relating to insurance policies posted in response to Question #6 in Addendum #1 dated October 23, 2020.

ANSWER: Cyber Liability, Employee Theft, Employee Theft of Client Property, Forgery or Alteration, Computer and Funds Transfer Fraud, Credit, Debit or Charge Card Forgery, Money Order and Counterfeit Currency coverage are required because service providers will be conducting cash and/or credit transactions on property owned and operated by the Jersey City Redevelopment Agency and same may be conducted via the internet. Because the successful respondent will be responsible for obtaining its own POS system, the successful respondent may choose a POS system that conducts transactions via mobile device where the vendor is accepting payment over wireless or wired connection.