ADDENDUM NO. 4

      DATED:  July 3, 2019

      The following Addendum No. 4 is being issued by the Jersey City Redevelopment Agency (the “JCRA”) to reflect the minutes and address the questions received pursuant to the two the site tours held on June 5 and June 19, 2019.


      Minutes of June 5, 2019


      • Introduction provided by JCRA, Chris Fiore and Mary Pat Noonan
      • General review of RFP affordable requirements and infrastructure planning
      • Comments by counsel regarding environmental questions and preference to receive questions in writing
      • Site Tour
      • Q&A Session (incorporated into Section III, below)


      Minutes of June 19, 2019

      • Introduction by JCRA, Chris Fiore, and Glenn Stock, JCRA consultant
      • Comments by counsel regarding environmental questions and preference to receive questions in writing
      • Comment that density for residential units is set forth in the Bayfront Phase 1 Building Regulation and Design Guidelines, posted as an Exhibit to the RFP. Please see Massing Plan, Exhibit 2.
      • Site Tour
      • Q&A Session (incorporated into Section III, below)


      Questions and Answers, as of July 3, 2019


      Question: Is there an update on the light rail?

      Answer: NJTransit received approval to move forward with preliminary engineering designs (approximately 30%), and they have started to engage the City of Jersey City (“City”). NJTransit has indicated that they would like to get through preliminary engineering design by the end of this year and make a determination whether to go design/build or design/bid/build.  Construction is anticipated to begin in 2-3 years.




      Question: What is the policy on PILOTs for this site?

      Answer: Respondents should demonstrate the need for a PILOT for their proposed project in order for the Agency to evaluate and review with the City.


      Question: What is the affordability requirement at the site?

      Answer: The RFP has a 20% minimum requirement, and beyond this the City will view favorably proposals which help meet its overall project goal of 35%. This is consistent with the ordinance passed by City regarding acquisition of the site.


      Question: Other than the open space in Phase 1, will the remaining undeveloped parcels be developed as a temporary park or open space until the remaining parcels are fully developed?

      Answer: No


      Question: Can one architecture firm design all of the buildings in Phase 1 provided the buildings vary in design?

      Answer: Please see Architectural Regulations, Bayfront Phase 1 Building Regulation and Design Guidelines, posted as an Exhibit to the RFP, page 11.


      Question: What are Jersey City’s plans to mitigate the risk of flooding and damage from severe storms in the area?

      Answer: The Redevelopment Plan raises the elevation of the site well above the base flood elevation and provides for other flood mitigation such as the use of green infrastructure. In addition, the City is engaged in long term planning efforts with the State to manage storm water and flooding along Route 440.


      Question: Are there any plans to create pedestrian walkways / bike paths over 440 during the first phase of the redevelopment?

      Answer: No, however City Planning is evaluating the potential location for such a crossing.


      Question: Will details on the landscaping of the park parcels weigh in JCRA’s decision process?

      Answer: All aspects of the Respondent’s proposals will be evaluated.


      Question: Is JCRA seeking one developer for the project or seeking multiple developers for different parcels? Is there a preference for either option?

      Answer: As set forth in the RFP, proposals from either a single developer or multiple developers will be welcome.


      Question: The RFP outlines measures taken by Honeywell to address chromium remediation in several areas around the property, all outside of the Phase I Development Area. While it states that long term ground water management and monitoring is ongoing, what are the potential implications of these localized areas with respect to the Phase I site and to subsequent development phases at Bayfront?

      Answer: Respondents are directed to the environmental repository located at The City and JCRA cannot speculate with regard to the question posed; Developers shall undertake their own due diligence regarding same.


      Question: With respect to affordable housing units, the City and JCRA have expressed an aggregate goal of 35% affordable and workforce housing at Bayfront (and a minimum of 20%). Can you please detail the % breakdown desired (or required) between: low-income (<=50% AMI), moderate-income (<=80 AMI), and workforce housing (<=120% AMI)?

      Answer: The RFP does not provide a desired or required breakdown