Addendum #1: Site Visits for the Bayfront Phase 1 RFP

There will be two scheduled site visits conducted on June 5, 2019 and June 19, 2019. The visit will be held at JCRA’s Bayfront Trailer Complex, 575 State Route 440, Jersey City (entry into the site via the Culver Avenue jug handle).

Attendance at the site visit is not mandatory but is strongly encouraged.

  • All attendees should arrive by 10:30am to check-in and sign registration paperwork (if needed).
  • All members of company’s team present for site tour must execute registration paperwork.
  • Introduction to begin at 11:00am
  • Walking tour to begin promptly at 11:15am, followed by a short Q&A session at the trailer.
  • Must wear appropriate footwear (boots, sneakers) to avoid injury.
  • In case of rain, site tour will be rescheduled. Notice of rescheduling will be provided 24 hours in advance of site tour.
  • Questions and Answers: It is strongly preferred that site tour participants note all their questions and deliver them in writing via email to the Agency after the site tour.  A 20-minute Q&A will be reserved at the end of the site tour.  The Agency reserves right to decline a response and respond in writing to any or all questions. Any questions and answers during the site tour will be recorded in the minutes and posted on the Agency website as an addendum.

All attendees must register with the JCRA at least 48 hours in advance by completing and submitting the Site Visit Registration Form, attached hereto.