Jersey City Redevelopment Agency Centre Pompidou x Jersey City Museum Security Consultant Services RFP Questions and Answers

Questions Posed During the Site Visit on December 12, 2022:

  1. What is the scope of the project?

See the project description is provided in the RFP.

  1. Will the walkway entrance be the only entrance?

The final location and number of the entrances has not been determined.

  1. What is the general layout of the building?

This information will be provided to consultants once they are selected and onboarded to the project team.

  1. Is the ground floor going to be open or portioned off?

Mostly open but this has not yet been determined.

  1. Is the RFP open?


  1. Are there any historic preservation requirements?


  1. How old is the building?

The Pathside building was erected in 1912.

  1. Would the contract be with the Jersey City Redevelopment Agency?


  1. Has an executive architect been hired?

OMA is the design architect and the executive architect.

  1. How far along is the schematic design?

Schematic Design will conclude in the end of January 2023.

  1. Is the square footage of the building increasing?

Yes. This information is provided in the RFP.

  1. To whom will the proposals be sent?

As outlined in the RFP: Proposals for the Services (the “Proposal”) will be received by the JCRA on January 5, 2023 at 12:00 p.m. prevailing time (the “Submission Date”), addressed to Robert Napiorski (the “Project Representative”) at 4 Jackson Square, Jersey City, New Jersey 07305.

  1. Will the JCRA contract directly with the sub-contractors?

JCRA will contract directly with all project professionals.

  1. How should the RFPs be submitted?

This information is provided in the RFP.

  1. What were the previous uses of the building?

The building, located at 25 Journal Square, was constructed in 1912 originally as a PSE&G (Public Service Electric and Gas Company, provider of gas and electric service) office building. In 1995, the building underwent a major renovation to create new classrooms and a library for Hudson Community College and served as part of the college’s urban campus until 2017.

  1. How long has the building been vacant?

5 years

  1. Are the other Pompidou locations similar in size?

Other Pompidou locations are larger.

  1. Will there be art storage on-site?


  1. What is the role of Paratus on the project?

Owner’s Representative

  1. Will there be a roof deck? – Will it have a function with the museum?

Potentially yes. Yes.

  1. Is the roof part of the landscape scope?

Yes. This information is provided in the RFP.

  1. Would this project be happening without the construction of One Journal Square?


  1. Who will own the building after construction?

This has not yet been determined.

  1. Will there be a raised floor or drop ceiling on the floors?

These design decisions are currently under consideration.

  1. Would the Pompidou have done this project if One Journal Square was not being constructed?

The Agency cannot provide a response with respect to the factors that impacted the Centre Pompidou decision.

  1. When will a security director be hired?

This has yet been determined.

  1. Is a loading dock part of the scope of the project?

Yes. The loading dock is included in the scope of work.

  1. Is the current roof temporary or permanent?


  1. Will there be an additional structure on the roof?

This has not yet been determined.

  1. Will the basement be part of the museum?


  1. Is there any direct access to the basement from the outside?


  1. What type of art will be part of the museum?

Contemporary and modern.

  1. Is the neighboring Port Authority property part of the project?

No but the JCRA will coordinate with the Port Authority on various aspects of this project.



Questions Submitted Via Email:

  1. What phase of the project will the A/E team be in when the Security Consultant’s services commence?

Design Development

  1. Is there a project schedule for different milestones deliverables that the Security Consultant is expected to meet?

The Project Schedule with milestones for the Security Consultant has not yet been determined.

  1. Will the security systems for the museum be stand alone, or will they require integration with larger or other systems? For example:
    1. Does Pompidou use specific technologies at their other facilities, which the Jersey City facility must match to allow global interoperability in monitoring and control?

The Project Team has not yet determined what specific technologies will be incorporated in the Project.

  1. Is there a JCRA site wide security-monitoring center, which the museum must integrate into (e.g. external video surveillance)?


  1. Is there any integration required of the video surveillance system (external cameras) with the Jersey City Police Department’s video surveillance system?

That has not yet been determined.

  1. Are there any requirements from PANYNJ due to proximity to the Museum?

That has not yet been determined.

  1. When does the Museum plan to have a Security Director onboard w/ respect to the project schedule? Will the Security Director be available for coordination of developing the security operating procedures?

The Security Consultant is expected to advise on Security Operations issues.

  1. As part of the design of the security systems, is the Security Consultant required to design the network it will be operate over or will the Security Consultant only be required to coordinate requirements of the security system with a separate consultant responsible for network design?

The AV/IT team will design the network system and the security consultant will coordinate the requirements of the security systems with the AV/IT consultant.

  1. Will the Security Consultant be responsible for designing security specific for the Exhibit Design (e.g. alarm devices on casework, frames, etc.)? If the Security Consultant will be responsible for the design of the exhibit security system, can JCRA provide guidance on the type of artwork that will be on display?


  1. RFP Add#1 Assessment Phase – Calls for development of a budget for the new security system. Please confirm since there is a cost estimator onboard, the estimator will perform this task, and the security consultant will assist by evaluating their cost estimate.

Yes.  The cost estimator will perform this task based on consultant drawings and outline specifications. The Security Consultant will evaluate their cost estimate.

  1. RFP Add#1 Assessment Phase – Calls for a Preliminary Risk and Security Assessment Report. Is there a specific report format required?

This will be determined in consultation with the design team.

  1. RFP Add#1 Design Development Phase- Mentions making recommendations for personal security of museum staff, outline of future security staffing, and operations plan. This is typically falls under security operations rather than security technology. Can you confirm the extent of this scope and how many meetings are anticipated?

We expect the Security Consultant to make recommendations about size and type of security staff and operations. The number of meetings has not been determined at this time.

  1. RFP Add#1 Design Development Phase – Mentions to assist with the procurement of security fixture samples and make recommendations with respect to mockups and prototypes. Please confirm this language is related to the security system. If yes, what is the extent of mockups and prototypes required and will owner pay for procurement of samples if the manufacturer will not provide free?

The extent of mockups/prototypes has not yet been determined at this time. Yes, the owner will pay for procurement of samples, as required.

  1. RFP Add #1 Design Development Phase – Mentions the design of security related infrastructure including wiring diagrams, conduits and control panels, from security closets outward to security devices. Typically, security consultant scope is to show means and methods and design intent for security infrastructure and actual wiring diagrams from device to headend are a part of the contractor shop drawings, which are then reviewed by the security consultant. Please confirm if our understanding is accurate.

This is accurate.  The Security Consultant will show means and methods, design intent for security infrastructure and provide review of contractor shop drawings.

  1. RFP Add #1 Construction Administration – Mentions providing field assistance of directionality and focusing of light fixtures. Please clarify what level of field assistance is required.

Replace “light fixtures” with “security fixtures”.

  1. RFP Add #1 Construction Administration – Mentions supervising dimming and time clocks. Please clarify what level of supervision is expected.

Please disregard this scope requirement.

  1. Does security scope include the design of metal detectors and personnel scanners?

Yes, if the security consultant recommends including them.

  1. Does security scope include site security? To be determined. Is an exterior perimeter security system required? To be determined. If yes, can you share the site plan?  No Does security scope include Bollards or Vehicle Arrestors and if so will they be specified by architect? To be determined.
  2. Has the procurement team decided on Telecom, Network, AV and Lighting consultants? If not, could you provide the design requirements? We could potentially provide a coordinated design and scope with other specialty services.

Yes, those teams have been selected.

  1. What is the project schedule?

Schematic Design will conclude at the end of January 2023.  Design Development is approximately 5 months and Construction Documents is currently 6 months.  Construction is currently estimated to be 18 months.

  1. How many in person meetings per design phase where security consultant will be required are anticipated?

No specific number of in person meetings are anticipated. It is expected that the security consultant will attend all necessary design meetings. The design team has weekly coordination calls and anticipates the Security to be involved on approximately a bi-weekly basis.