Journal Square

Journal Square, located in the north central part of Jersey City, was historically the economic hub of the City. PATH trains housed in the Transportation Center connect Jersey City to Manhattan and Newark and its multiple bus routes connect the City to other parts of the region. According to New Jersey Transit, more than 35,000 commuters pass through Journal Square daily.

Journal Square’s principal retail center is in the Square itself. Smaller retail areas include “Five Corners” (at the intersection of Newark and Summit Avenues) and several other ethnic shopping districts branching out from the Square. A number of educational institutions are located in the Journal Square neighborhood, the largest of which is the Hudson County Community College (HCCC) whose expansion has been a major contributing factor to the economic revitalization of Journal Square.

Two former large movie theaters in the Square are being recycled. The former Loew’s Theater will be used as a venue for live entertainment and film shows and The Stanley Theater has been renovated by the Jehovah’s Witness religious organization. Several other commercial properties in Journal Square have also been renovated in recent years, as have apartment complexes and hotels, such as the Mayflower, now the Ramada Inn of Jersey City. The first new residential complex in more than 40 years, “State Square,” will be completed at the time this report is released. The City and County’s justice complex is also located on the southeastern edge of Journal Square along Summit Avenue near Academy Street.

Pre-war buildings predominate the area and are primarily multi-family mid-rise with some one and two family housing. Residential conversion of commercial properties began in the late 1980s with “Brunswick Towers” and has continued with the “Earle Hotel” and “Liberty Lofts.”

The latest additions to the Square include a 54-story tower with 540 units; a 70-story tower with 700 units; a 60-story tower with 600 units; 40-story residential tower with 525 units.