Port Liberté / Liberty State Park

The Liberty State Park (LSP) neighborhood is one of three neighborhoods in Jersey City that border the Hudson River. It encompasses Liberty State Park and several streets on the Park’s western edge up to Pacific Avenue, abutting the Greenville and MLK-Bergen/Lafayette neighborhoods.

Liberty State Park was established in 1976, for the United States bicentennial. Overlooking Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty with its Jersey City address of One Communipaw Avenue, Liberty State Park is the most visited park in the New Jersey Park system. Ferries operate daily to transport visitors from the Park to Ellis Island. The Liberty Science Center, opened in 1992, attracts more than a million visitors each year.

The Liberty State Park area was once home to the Central New Jersey Railroad Terminal that had more than 30 different railroad tracks. The Ellis Island Ferry still operates from the piers adjacent to the terminal. In the last ten years, the ferry slips and terminal have undergone extensive renovations that have restored them to their original condition.

Several buildings that were once used by industrial and commercial companies are situated along the western edge of the neighborhood inside the Park area and extending toward the Hudson River. All have been renovated to accommodate the growing demand for buildings with high ceilings and multiple loading docks for use as distribution centers. In 1994, the New York Daily News moved its distribution center from New York City to Liberty State Park, beginning an influx from New York City of other companies. Snowbird Corporation, ADP Graphic Communications, and Sysco Food Services of Metro New York have all located distribution centers to the area.

Adjacent to Liberty State Park’s southern boundary is  Port Liberté, a planned  community  development that was begun in the early 1980s . The community has been  built in stages and today there are 2,280 units built or in development.

Liberty National Golf Course opened in 2006 and is considered one of the premiere golf courses in the State of New Jersey.