New Jersey Department of Transportation: Route 440 Milepost

New Jersey Department of Transportation

Request for Change in Access Level from AL3 to AL3/4

NJSH Route 440 Milepost 24.90 to 26.18

Approximately from Kellogg Street to Communipaw Avenue

The Jersey City Redevelopment Agency (JCRA) intends to revamp the existing access for the above noted section of Route 440 to reflect the needs of new residential redevelopment and area institutions such as New Jersey City University.  Therefore, in furtherance of the above goal, the JCRA has submitted a “Request for Access Level Change” to the New Jersey Department of Transportation, Division of Statewide Planning  (NJDOT). The “Request for Access Level Change” would provide design flexibility that the JCRA would need to create an Urban Boulevard with more direct access from Route 440. This is a preliminary process that would help to determine whether such an Access Level Change would be feasible or supported by the NJDOT.

The supporting materials for the Request for Access Level Change are in the process of being “deemed complete” by the NJDOT.  The supporting materials are subject to revisions as requested by the NJDOT, and the link below will be updated accordingly.

The supporting materials have been made available by the JCRA at the following link: If there are any questions regarding this matter, please contact