Questions and Answers for 405 – 407 Ocean Ave. Bid Package

Questions and Answers for Property Rehabilitation Services RFB at
405 – 407 Ocean Avenue
April 24, 2023
Q. Is the project PLA or non-union?
A. It is PLA. The successful bidder will be required to comply with New Jersey’s Prevailing
Wage Act.
Q. Is the 407 Ocean Avenue portion of the property substantially the same as 405 Ocean
Avenue portion?
A. Yes, the layout is the mirror of 405 Ocean Avenue.
Q. Can another site visit be arranged, as 407 Ocean Ave. portion of the property was
A. Yes, another site visit can be arranged.
Q. Is there an additional process other than the Request for Bid from the Jersey City
Redevelopment Agency?
A. No, this is the only process required to bid on this project.