October 28, 2019


  • Will there be opportunity for more questions?

Not before the Expression of Interest are due on December 4, 2019.


  • Will the Expressions of Interest be scored according to a formula? Will the scoring formula be shared? If not, how will they be evaluated or measured?

A formula will not be utilized in the evaluation process.  The responses will be evaluated based on the goals and criteria set forth in the Expression of Interest Solicitation Package.


  • Will proposals be considered that involve ownership by non-profits that are exempt from property taxes for some or all of the property?



  • What type of structure will the developer be entering into with the City? A long-term lease? Purchase? Split condo?

The City and the Agency will consider all proposals.


  • If we submit as a non-profit, would there be the opportunity or means for us to be partnered with other submitters?

Yes, there will be an opportunity.


  • Is there a requirement/preference as to mix of non-profit vs. for-profit tenants/uses?



  • Would a setup such as 1/3 non-profit usage and 2/3 for-profit usage be acceptable?

Yes.  The City and Agency will consider all proposals.


  • To what extent can the usage diverge from an arts center?

As set forth in the Expression of Interest Solicitation Package, the City and Agency are open to a range of cultural uses, not necessarily an arts center.


  • What funds will the JCRA contribute?

The JCRA will not contribute any funds.  The City, however, is open to discussing funding sources for capital improvement and will consider contributing the land.


  • Does JCRA expect any proceeds from the operations?



  • What is the likelihood at this point that the deadline for submissions of EOI will be extended?

The City and the Agency do not anticipate expending that deadline currently.


  • How does the JCRA envisage the business relationship (including the renovation expenditures) of the partners developing and operating the space?

The City and JCRA are open to all proposals.


  • What is the desired timeline for the opening of the building?

The City and the JCRA would like the building to open as soon as possible.  The precise timeline will be determined after the proposals are reviewed.


  • Is there a plan to add a loading dock and freight elevator to service all spaces in the building?

There is not currently a plan, but the City and Agency will consider one if it is presented.


  • Is there a parking lot or parking spaces associated with the building?

Not currently.


  • Is it possible to have an outdoor performance space on the roof with a covered stage?

Yes, it is possible subject to an engineering review and approval by the City provided that it complies with the applicable City ordinances.