Please take notice that on April 20, 2021, the Jersey City Redevelopment Agency (“Agency”) re-adopted its annual meeting schedule to establish its regular meeting dates through January 2022, notice of which was previously published. In accordance with the Open Public Meetings Act, Chapter 231, P.L. 1975, and N.J.A.C. 5:39-1, et seq., Emergency Remote Meeting Protocol for Local Public Bodies, due to the declared state of emergency the Agency is now revising the location of its regular meetings, which will be held as remote public meetings.

The regular meetings of the Agency shall be held virtually through videoconference and telephone conference via Zoom, until otherwise decided by the Board of Commissioners of the Agency, on the third Tuesday of each month at 6:00 p.m., unless otherwise noted. The meeting dates for the balance of the 2021 calendar year and the beginning of 2022 remain unchanged, and are as follows:

May 18, 2021
June 15, 2021
July 20, 2021
August 17, 2021
September 21, 2021
October 19, 2021
November 9, 2021
*December 21, 2021 (Meeting begins at 5:00 p.m.)
January 18, 2022

Interested members of the public can participate in the remote public meeting, free of charge, through a video conference link or through the telephone numbers. The Agency will post on its website, https://thejcra.org/, at least 48 hours prior to the start of such meeting, the meeting access information, including unique dial-in numbers and Zoom web links, and relevant documents available for download, including but not limited to a meeting agenda. Relevant documents will be posted under the webpage tab entitled, “Public Documents,” and/or in other prominently labeled location(s) on the Agency’s website. Alternatively, individuals lacking the resources or experience for technological access may contact Jesamil Suazo Lozano via email at JLozano@jcnj.org or by telephone at (201) 761-0819, to arrange receipt of documents by alternate means, to make an appointment to review documents in person at the Agency’s offices, 66 York Street, 3rd Floor, Jersey City, New Jersey (prior to May 1, 2021) or 4 Jackson Square, Jersey City, New Jersey 07305 (as of May 1, 2021), during regular business hours (excluding holidays), or for general assistance in accessing documents and the meeting information.

The Agency will make a coordinated effort to ensure public participation at all public meetings. Members of the public who wish to participate during the public portion(s) of a meeting are encouraged (but not required) to register their name and address, and, if desired, written comment(s) prior to the meeting by submitting same to Jesamil Suazo Lozano via email at JLozano@jcnj.org or via mail at 66 York Street, 3rd Floor, Jersey City, New Jersey 07302 (prior to May 1, 2021) or 4 Jackson Square, Jersey City, New Jersey 07305 (as of May 1, 2021). All such communications must be labeled “Public Comment” in the subject line. All such pre-registrations shall be submitted by 4:00 p.m. on the business day immediately prior to the date of each regular meeting listed above. Such written comments may be read at the public meeting consistent with existing law.

Members of the public, whether pre-registered or not, will be given opportunity to speak during the public portion(s) of the meeting, at which time the Agency will provide instructions for the public to indicate their desire to speak. When a matter is open to public comment or question, a member of the public can click the “raise hand” button (if using a computer or mobile device) or dial *9 (if on a telephone) to indicate to the Agency that they wish to speak. After clicking “raise hand” (on computer) or dialing *9 (on telephone), the person should listen for their name or last 4 numbers of their phone number.

The Board of Commissioners and the Executive Director of the Agency reserve the right, consistent with the provisions of the Open Public Meetings Act, to convene Executive Sessions at all regular meetings for the purpose of discussing such subjects as are authorized to be heard in Executive Sessions. Formal action may be taken at all meetings.

The Agency hereby designates the following newspapers as newspapers in which its official notices may appear: The Hudson Reporter, The Jersey Journal, and The Star Ledger.

This notice and a copy of the resolution establishing the Annual Meeting Schedule and designating official newspapers are available at the Agency’s office, 66 York Street, 3rd Floor, Jersey City, New Jersey (prior to May 1, 2021) or 4 Jackson Square, Jersey City, New Jersey 07305 (as of May 1, 2021), and the City Clerk’s office, and will be posted on the JCRA’s website, https://thejcra.org/.

Jesamil Suazo Lozano, Assistant to the Executive Director & Secretary to the Board