Q&A RFP 174 Newark Ave

Jersey City Redevelopment Agency

RFP for Acquisition and Development of 174 Newark Avenue




Questions and Answers

  1. Please confirm that the redevelopment area includes the parking lot on First Street. The RFP is for Block 11401, Lot 13.02, which does not extend to First Street and does not include the parking lot.  


  1. Stated goal of the project is to get publicly accessible parking.  However, the redevelopment plan prohibits any parking. The goal of the Redevelopment Plan is to retain current parking in Block 11401, Lots 13.01 and 14.  However, RPF responses for the Redevelopment of Block 11401, Lot 13.02 should not include parking.


  1. The other stated goal of the project seems to favor all commercial uses.  However, the redevelopment plan has an affordable housing requirement. The affordable housing requirement is only applicable to projects with a residential component. 


  1. The redevelopment plan has two versions (page 38 of 51 vs page 49 of 51) – the permitted uses are different.  Which version is correct?  One version seems to only permit commercial uses on the first two floors while permitting residential above the first floor.  That would eliminate the option for all commercial uses.  Needs clarification. The relevant Redevelopment Plan for the RFP is the Redevelopment Plan specifically for Block 11401, Lot 13.02.


  1. What are the transfer restrictions for the site? Transfer restrictions will be negotiated by the successful respondent in a redevelopment agreement.


  1. Is there a specific formula for affordable housing requirements for this project? See Section VI(B) of the Redevelopment Plan and Chapter 188 of the Jersey City Code.


  1. Do you have a survey of Block 11401, Lots 13.01, 13.02, and 14? Please find the subdivision survey of Block 11401, Lots 13.01 and 13.02 attached.


  1. What kind of terms is the MOU with HCBTC expected to include? It is the responsibility of each respondent to enter into an MOU with the HCBTC and that MOU should be negotiated directly with the HCBTC.


  1. Is the construction of the project expected to be prevailing wage or union? Any open shop labor allowed?  Such details should be negotiated directly with the HCBTC.


  1. On 172 Newark next door, there is an iron platform encroaching onto 174 Newark Ave. Can that be removed? Agency will address any encroachments.


  1. At the rear of 172 Newark Ave, there seems to be a second means of egress (iron fire escape) that ultimately requires egress through the parking lot on First St. Is that 2nd means of egress still required on 172 Newark Ave?  Can it be removed?  Is there an easement?  This RFP does not include the parking lot on First St.


  1. Is there any expectation for the Redeveloper of 174 Newark to renovate any existing sewar and water mains on Newark Avenue or First St that are typically maintained by JCMUA? The successful respondent will need to ensure any sewar and water connections are sufficient to support the proposed project.  It will be the responsibility of the successful respondent to coordinate as needed with the JCMUA.


  1. Are there any 3rd party testing or reports available on any of the lots such as Phase 1 environmental, Geotech, etc.? No