Update Q & A: RFP For Website Design and Maintenance Services

Question: Would you like for proposers to migrate all content into a new website?

Answer: At this time, the Agency only requires maintenance of and updates to its existing website. Development of a new website is beyond the scope of this RFP. No migration is required at this time.

Question: How many non-technical content editors do you want to allow to edit the website?

Answer: Up to three (3) members of JCRA’s administrative staff may handle website edits, but the JCRA reserves the right to request additional edit access for its staff members.

Question: How many pages and documents are on the websites today?

Answer: The website currently has approximately 17 pages and approximately 323 documents.

Question: Can you give us any idea on the budget range for this project so we can get the proper discounts to fit your budget?

Answer: The Agency is not in a position to provide this information. The budget has not yet been determined. The purpose of the request for proposals is to obtain respondents’ most competitive offers.

Question: Why was the previous request for proposals rejected?

Answer: Due to the broad nature of the previous request for proposals, the response received by the Agency did not align with the scope of work required by the Agency. The Agency rejected all responses in order to substantially revise and re-issue the request for proposals to clarify the scope of services required.